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If you are looking for a Spanish School but you are not sure where you'd prefer to learn Spanish, you are in the right place. Ole! Spanish Courses offers you a selection of Spanish Schools in Spain. Not only in big cities but also, and particularly, in less known destinations all around Spain. Places where you’ll find, along with a quality Spanish school, a true Spanish atmosphere. To help you select from our partner schools the one that better fits your needs, we offer you our special Spanish Courses search engine.

In the spotlight

In the spotlight...

How to choose amongst all the Spanish Courses in Spain? Olé Courses offers a great number of Spanish Courses in many different cities all over Spain. In every destination we offer, you can find the best Spanish School. All these destinations also offer fantastic activities. Choose what you want to do next to the Spanish Course, book your courses and enjoy!

Spanish School in Salamanca

Amongst all the Spanish courses that we offer in Spain, we would suggest Salamanca as the best option. Definitely a city for students.

Salamanca is a city full of culture, monuments and it is also well known for its nightlife.

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