Spanish School in Avila

The Spanish school in Avila was founded in 1989 and is located in the heart of this beautiful city about an hour away from Madrid. It offers a wide range of general Spanish courses for individual students and groups, and also courses for the Spanish of Business and Tourism. All teachers are native graduates and can rely on many years of experience in the teaching of the language to foreign students of all ages who come from many different countries in the world.

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One of the goals of the courses and of the extracurricular activities offered by the school is to develop and support the cultural and linguistic exchange, which is fundamental in our globalised world. This means that studying in Avila does not only mean that you will improve your linguistic abilities, because you will also learn how to communicate and interact with people of different cultures: you will prepare for your personal and professional future.

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The quality of the courses offered by the school in Avila has been recognized by some international associations. The school has been an Instituto Cervantes accredited school since 2002 and offers courses to prepare DELE exams; Alcala University also recognized the quality of the programs offered, and in 2003 the school became the coordinating centre for the different programs promoted by the region. In 2005 the school was awarded the Premio Patrimonio Cultural, for its contribution for the promotion of local heritage, while in 2008 it was selected by the Iberoamerican Council for its academic excellence. The school cooperates with the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid and with a European commission to prepare special courses.

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