Spanish School in Cadiz

The school

The language school was founded in Cádiz in 1989, it has received a Certificate of Quality in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (C.E.E.L.E.), granted by the Alcala de Henares University, which guarantees the quality of the teaching carried out at our school, and it is also Recognized Center of the Cervantes Institute since July 2003.
Their teaching method combines the usual study of grammar with debates, talks, role-playing situations, practical classes, etc. The classes, are conducted entirely in Spanish from the very first day and guarantee not only an increased command of the Spanish language but also happiness and cordiality.
When finishing the course, all the students receive a Certificate of Attendance, in which he is reflected the duration and the level of the course that the student has made. The required attendance to receive the Certificate is of 80%.
To complement the courses and to help the students acquaint themselves with Cádiz, Andalucía and the Spanish Culture, the school offers an activities programme all year round. The first day of their courses, they give the students the programme for two weeks activities.
The school has computers with free internet access at the disposal of the students.
Every student can reserve a computer twice a week for 30 minutes.

Spanish School in Cádiz
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