Our Spanish School in Castellon

Created in 1953, the center of Spanish for foreigners is the biggest school of Castellón. It is located strategically a few minutes away on foot from the historical and commercial center of the city. In its environs we can find the Ribalta Park, la plaza de toros and the train and bus-stations.

Altogether, there are 5 classrooms of theory, 1 laboratory of languages, 3 laboratories of computer science, 1 laboratory of design attended by computer, library – video-library, secretaries, and offices of administration, management, and general services.

The Spanish courses are distributed by natives of great qualification, graduated in Hispanic Philology and specialized professionals in the education of Spanish as foreign language. The Spanish students will learn the Spanish language and at the same time they get to know the culture, the surroundings and the customs. The school offers endless cultural, tourist, (water) sport activities, parties and excursions that allow you to get to know Spain and its inhabitants. In your first day, you will have a tourist tour downtown Castellón, so that you become familiar with the city. Later, you will be able to decide on several alternatives, like knowing the most important museums of the city, the Convento and Destilería of the Carmelite monks, the museum of the Bellas Artes or going to the harbor or the sea. You will never become bored in Castellón!

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