Spanish School in Jerez

The Spanish school in Jerez de la Frontera

The Spanish school in Jerez de la Frontera is located in the hearth of this lively andalusian city and offers students well-equipped classrooms, common rooms where they can relax after lessons or read a book, and also a pleasant patio, perfect for the hot summer nights.

The teachers who work at this school (they are all native) graduated in Spanish philology and have many years of experience in the teaching of Spanish to foreign students. The high quality of the courses offered is guaranteed by the fact that the school is officially recognised by the Cervantes Institute and many other national and international organisations that group language schools al lover the world.

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One of the goals of the school is give students the opportunity to get to know Spanish culture in depth, thatís why it organises every week a rich programme of extracurricular activities. These normally include guided tours, excursions to Seville, Malaga, Cadiz, dinners with teachers, movies, theatre, water sports, local festivals,Ö Some of these activities are free, while there is a supplement to pay for others (the supplement depends on the number of the participants and the type of activity).

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