The school is specialised in the teaching of Spanish to foreign students since 1964. In all these years many thousands of students have attended the school and spread the good reputation the school enjoys all over the world. The teachers are highly specialised and have long experience.

The school owns 2 buildings near each other, only a few meters from the beach of Las Palmas (Canteras Beach). In one of the buildings the school and cafeteria are located, the other building is the residence.

The school building is a 2-storey construction with a nice Canarian patio used as a lounge connecting with offices, some classrooms, the teacher's room and the computer room for internet access. On the second floor there are more classrooms, the library and the kitchen-cafeteria terrace which can be used by the student as gathering and resting area. Every classroom is equipped with video and audio devices and a slides projector.

Besides tuition the students receive breakfast and lunch at the school on class days. On holidays, Saturdays and Sundays dinner will be offered instead of lunch. The cook prepares Canarian and Spanish food, but studentsí requests will also be considered, even diet or vegetarian menus.

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