Palma is a cultural and accessible city, where everything is at arms reach. Surrounded by the sea, it is home to the many cultures which have inhabited the island throughout the years. Palma encourages you to discover its many buildings and monuments, which highlight the different aesthetic trends to have taken place over the centuries, in more than 700 streets located in the historical center. There, you can find the marks that the villages have left behind. A city that encourages people to explore their creativity, as many artists, inspired by the city’s warmth and magical lights, did.

The city

Although the largest city of the Balearic Islands, Palma retains an elegance that enchants its visitors. It is situated around a horseshoe shaped bay that houses the cosmopolitan port, and which is crowded with luxury yachts and huge cruise ships. You can find everything in Palma, from the Moorish ruins, to a multitude of shops. Amongst the historic sites are the Bellver Castle, built in the 14th century, and the famous Gothic cathedral, the second in the world in the area. The imposing Gothic cathedral is located in the old town and overlooking the harbour. If you are looking for lively beaches with a vibrant atmosphere and great entertainment at night, head to Magalluf and Palma Nova. The sand and pebble beaches of Palma Nova are well maintained and offer many water sports activities and dozens of shops, bars and restaurants. Magalluf and Palma Nova both have a good infrastructure, which is ideal for exploring the surrounding area in Marineland, but if you want to stay in town and party until dawn, Mag alluf is the capital of the festival-island Majorca. In addition, Palma is an accessible city because everything is close by. It is a vibrant city, constantly evolving and developing.

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