The School

Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute has two centres in Pamplona. The main school is located in the city centre, in a building of historical interest where PLSI has 7 classrooms, a library, an auditorium, a coffee shop and a restaurant. The whole building has Wi-Fi.

Pamplona School

The other school is located in what used to be an old factory and which has been converted into a training centre. There PLSI has five classrooms, a resource centre with a library, a movie room and a multimedia room.

The programs of Pamplona Learning have been developed by highly qualified teachers and according to the guidelines set out by the Institution Cervantes. The teachers at Pamplona Learning are university graduates and are specially trained to teach Spanish as a second language. The sessions try to rouse both the students' involvement in the activities and the interaction between students. In addition to our communicative and action-based approach, the courses follow the Common European Framework of References for Languages regarding the task based approach. Student related situations and close context are brought up in class.

Pamplona School

Special emphasis is put on the communicative aspects of the language, such as oral comprehension and expression. Real material from mass media is used in class.

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