Salamanca is well-known for housing the oldest university that exists in Spain. The youthful and cosmopolitan ambiance of Salamanca together make the city very attractive for tourists and students. It is at the same time one of the best places for learning to apprehend the Spanish language. This is not just because of the fact that the Spanish accent in the Castilla y León region is very pure and accurate, it is also because Salamanca was and still is a pioneer city in offering Spanish language courses to foreigners. The innumerable Spanish language schools that can be found in the city, also offer courses on Spanish culture, tourism, history, literature, art and so on. Furthermore, the historical city centre of Salamanca is like a museum. The picturesque streets and historical buildings that are surrounding the marvellous Plaza Mayor, exhibit an impressive collection of roman, gothic, and baroque constructions: like, for example, the two important university buildings, the Casa de las Conchas, the Clerecía, the convent of San Esteban and the historical university building. Like mentioned earlier, the University of Salamanca is among the oldest ones in the world. King Alfonso IX established it in the year 1243. The façade of the University is richly decorated and there is a frog to be found on it, sitting on a skull, which grew out to be legendary. This is also why you encounter images of frogs everywhere in Salamanca. Go ahead and try to find the frog on the façade! You should also take a look within the University Library where you can find “El Cielo de Salamanca:” the ceiling of the older part of the library. You’ll find it lovely. Furthermore, the province of Salamanca offers a marvellous natural environment with its mysterious forests and its valleys in the wine region called “las Arribes del Duero”. Salamanca, then, can offer you high-quality wine. To finish, some of the gastronomic specialties that Salamanca has to offer you are, amongst others, “chochos de yema,” “Farinato” and “Chanfaina.”

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