The School

The school is very centrally located, in the historic district of the city and very close to all the major monuments. It is a small, family-like school, managed directly by the owners.

It contains 6 classrooms and an area with computers with Internet access. Moreover, there is Wi-Fi connection available in all the facilities.

The total number of students can reach 90; the average group size is 5 students per class with a maximum of 8.

Santiago School

Actually, the relationship between teachers and students is one of the most important values you will find while you are there. You will be able to communicate with your teacher in the classroom, but also with other group teachers during coffee breaks or other activities organized by school.

In order to select our teachers, we assess their training and professionalism, but also their human qualities like friendliness and their capacity to create a good environment in the classroom.

Santiago School

Our main objective is to help you learn Spanish in a relaxed, familiar and entertaining environment.

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