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Tarifa is a Spanish town located in the most southern part of the country, on the famous Costa de la Luz, in the Andalusian province of Cadiz, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a small town full of history and with a perfect climate: mild winters and summers that are never too hot, with an average temperature of about 17°. Its territory encloses two natural parks famous all over Europe: the Alcornocales Park and the Coastal Park of the Strait, which protects the richness of the local marine flora and fauna. This makes Tarifa and its beautiful surroundings the ideal spot to dive and practice bird-watching.

You just have to have a look at a globe to realise the importance of the geographical situation of Tarifa: indeed, this charming town is located a mere 40 km away from Africa, which marked and still influences its history. It was inhabited from ancient times and still today you can see remainings from different ages, among which we recommend the Roman cities of Mellaria and Baelo Claudia. Tarifa lived its best period during the Arab colonization of Spain: during this period it was given its current name and one of the best known episodes of Spanish history took place (Sancho IV el Bravo led the expulsion of Moors from the city by sacrificing his son’s life and wrote the word “end” to the Reconquista).

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This rich and sometimes turbulent past has remained intact in Tarifa: well-preserved castles, medieval walls, churches, necropolis, megalithic settlements, paleolithic paintings in caves, are just some examples of the many historic witnesses that Tarifa offers to its visitors.

Tarifa is also a cosmopolitan, artistic and funny town: concerts, theatre, exhibitions and fairs are organised every month, alongside with many internationally renown events, such as the African Film Festival, which takes place here (the first edition was organised in 2003) between the end of April and the beginning of May. Tarifa is also known all over the world because it is the meeting point of water sports fans, such as windsurf, kitesurf and surf. Indeed, Tarifa has been the base of the PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association) since 2006 and also hosts the World Kitesurf Championship.

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How to get to Tarifa

Jerez de la Frontera airport is located about one hour away from Tarifa, but you can also fly to Seville or Malaga. From the airport you can then take a bus to Tarifa or to Algeciras, about 20 km away (for more information about prices and timetable, visit

If you want, the school can book for you the transfer service to and from the airport (there will be a supplement to pay).

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