Toledo is one of the Spanish capitals to have been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO and maintains the atmosphere and characteristic charm of those European capitals with a specific historical status. Toledo is a magical place, and is certainly one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Within the ancient walls of its buildings and its narrow streets, hundreds of years of history is locked away waiting to be discovered, and furthermore, the river Tajo pathways, which run throughout the city, add an extra ingredient, if this is possible. . .

The city

Toledo is a wonderful and diverse city which houses Muslims, Jews and Christians. The former capital of the Spanish Empire, it stands out today for its production of blades and swords, its many artists and for its silk. The whole history of the Hispanic peninsula can be traced to and expressed in the culture and ruins of this city, that sit atop a granite hill surrounded by the Tagus. Seeing as the city has many different religions within its boundaries, we begin the tour of the city by visiting the Santa Catalina. With a unique structure, this basilica is, quite simply, highly impressive! It will also cast your interested eye to the cathedral. Built in 1227, this high Gothic tower, founded by Saint Ferdinand III, holds great works of art. In the adjoining chapel, you will see the famous Mozarabic rite, which is still practiced today.
Visit the largest museum of Alcazar, renovated in the form of old houses as a memorial to the Nationalists. Go and see the Puerta Nueva de Bisagra, this imposing gate with two towers, which once served as the city gate. You will believe you are in the doorway of an ancient palace! And, do not forget to go to the Consuegra to see the giants of Don Quixote, the great windmills which still decorate the city landscape and which make Toledo a famous city.

Toledo, nestled on a bend of the Tagus, declared a heritage city and whose rich historical and cultural monuments make it one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country, deserves at least a day's visit.

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