Accommodation in Toledo

Host families

We offer this option to all our students who want to practice Spanish outside of the school with a family. Our school has a network of carefully selected families who are very welcoming and accommodating. In all cases, these homes are directly supervised by the school staff. The houses are conveniently placed near to the city and the school. Furthermore, they undergo strict controls, for your convenience.

Description: Single furnished room with a single bed or two beds, desk and wardrobe. Shared bathroom or private (as home).

Services: Half board (breakfast and dinner), laundry: at least once a week. Internet, with wires or wireless. Subject to availability.

Shared Apartment

Our school offers this option, seeing it as a big opportunity for students. It is the perfect choice if you want to share your stay in Toledo with people from foreign countries like yourself. This Is also the best option if you want freedom and total independance.

Description: Single room, furnished with a single bed or two beds, desk and wardrobe. Bathroom shared or private (as home).

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