Are you looking for a city atmosphere, beautiful nature and blue ocean? Santander offers you all this. Come to study Spanish to this marvelous city with unbeatable sea and landscapes. Learning Spanish in this modern city will be an extraordinary experience for you.

The City

Santander is the capitol of the Cantabrian autonomous region, situated in the north coast of Spain in between the Asturias and the Basque Country.

By a naturalistic and climatic point of view the Cantabrian region share many similarities with is two neighbour regions. The climate is mild, offering a very pleasant summer and temperate winters while the natural ambience is characterized by the combined presence of sea and mountains, the latter gifted by a bourgeoning nature. In this environment beaches are another considerable attraction offering stunning sights and good spots for surfing.

Santander has a roman origin but it has been a very active city all trough the various ages. In the middle age it was a very active port while in the XIX century became a very fashionable tourist destination for the Spanish kingdom and elites. Of this last period remain the beautiful royal palace Palacio de la Magdelena now belonging to the city of Santander and some other interesting modern building.

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