The City

Valladolid is an industrial city and it is a municipality in north-central Spain, It is the capital of the province of Valladolid and of the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, therefore is part of the historical region of Castile.

The city has still in its old quarter, a heritage of aristocratic houses and religious buildings. Among them, the unfinished Cathedral was commissioned by King Felipe II and designed by the architect Juan de Herrera in the 16th century. Their respective deaths left the church unfinished and its nave was not opened until 1668.

Valladolid is historically a very important city. The events related to the city include the marriage of the Catholic Monarchs and the life and death of Christopher Columbus. It was also the residence of Miguel de Cervantes, creator of the immortal character Don Quixote, and also home to José Zorrilla, author of Don Juan Tenorio.

But, above all, Valladolid has a linguistic heritage questioned by very few from the world of the arts.

Valladolid attracts both ardent students of the language and those who are beginning to learn the language, since the fame of the ‘good Spanish’ spoken by the local inhabitants is universally recognized.

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