Ávila is the capital city of the Spanish province of Ávila, which is located nearby Segovia. It is a small and picturesque city that is enclosed by a perfectly conserved medieval wall, with 88 towers, 2500 battlements and 9 gateways. The wall is like a book that reflects the history of Ávila and its inhabitants. There are actually live representations of medieval circumstances to be found on summer nights, which offer you the possibility to, more or less, travel back in time for just a short moment. The climate is very comfortable; it is very sunny throughout the year. There is not too much tourism and the city is clean and not too expensive. The city is well-known for the clean air and the beautiful clear skies it enjoys, which is because it sits high up in the mountains. The city of Ávila is located at a height of over 1100 meters above sea level. But the area is not only known for its clean air, also its marvellous edifices support the city's popularity. The city holds a beautiful Gothic Cathedral that has the appearance of a fortress and furthermore there are many churches, like the church of Santo Tomas, which holds a beautiful marble monument by the Florentine sculptor Domenico Fancelli, and San Vicente for example. Plus, there are several palaces to be found in Ávila. In fact, the entire city of Ávila has been put on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. If you want to have a view over the city there is a monument called Los Cuatro Postes (the Four Posts) that can offer you a panoramic view of this wonderful piece of cultural heritage. Moreover, the city has a beautiful range of mountains and natural monuments. Lovers of hiking or adventurous sports will have the time of their life in the Sierra de Gredos Natural Park. Furthermore, the city of Ávila is linked to the life of Teresa of Ávila, the 16th century monastic reformer and important Spanish poetess. And lastly, we want to give you some names of local specialties that you could try in Ávila: "tostón asado" and "yemas de Santa Teresa", enjoy!

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