Toro is a very old but lively small town in the province of Zamora. It is renowned for being the cradle of the Spanish kings and lies on a natural plateau at an altitude of 739 meters (2425 feet) above the valley of the Duero river. It has a rich history, with monuments and art from the time when Toro was an important town in the Kingdom of Castile.

In this fertile region, cereals, fruit and the famous grape “Tinto de Toro” grow. Columbus always took wine from Toro on his voyages of discovery. Thanks to the special character of the indigenous vine, a great future is predicted for the wines of Toro.

The roughly 10,000 inhabitants of Toro speak a pure Castilian — the official language of the country of Spain. The old town centre is home to typical Spanish bars, the meeting places of the local people. Here they pass on news, exchange experiences, talk about personal matters, crack jokes, drink coffee, an aperitif or eat tapas. In Toro people know each other, and everything can easily be reached on foot.

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