The City

Castellón is a city of the Valencian community of moderate size (approximately 178,000 inhabitants), which allows him to offer a calm and relaxed life to its visitors, it´s moved away from the noises of great cities, but as well modern and with an enviable cultural offer. It is situated between the sea and a mountain range that protects it against the cold breeze. Castellón is one of the most mountainous provinces of Spain. Its main resources are ceramics, agriculture (oranges and vegetables) and tourism.

To know the city, its historical center and all the surprises that they have reserved to us is easy; you only have to get lost in its streets and to take a walk! The main zones are downtown, where you will be able to visit plaza mayor, the City council of Castellón of the XVII century, the cathedral and Church of Santa Maria of the XII century, the tower campanario El Fadrí, La Casa Abadía, the Library, the Central Market, the Main Theater, la plaza de los toros, in addition to its numerous museums… It is also necessary to visit the Grao, the zone of the coast where you will be able to make long walks, to enjoy the climate and to visit the harbor, Planetarium and natural spaces. Castellón is emphasized by its security, which makes that all the students who come to learn Spanish can move without any problems. In Castellón you will be able to go to its beaches, to practice aquatic and terrestrial sports, to eat delicious paella at the boulevard while you will get to know other students.

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