The city

Córdoba is a monumental and cultural city. It is set close to the river Guadalquivir and it suffered a Roman colonization (which left some famous figures like the one of philisopher Seneca) and later on a califal one during the Middle Age, which turned it into the most cultural and brillant city in Europe (the philosopher Averroes was born and lived in Córdoba at that time). Then the Christian conquest came and it left some churches, infirmaries, convents, palaces and many aristocratic houses.

Córdoba is one of the most visited cities in Spain and the most famous monument is probably the Mosque-Cathedral, a unique gem, but the Synagogue and the Fortress of the Christian Kings are also worth visiting. Córdoba has been part of the World Heritage of UNESCO since 1994.

The Province of Córdoba boasts some rich and varied natural areas, also offering some paths, routes, one reserve and three natural parks.

We can say that Córdoba has a Mediterranean climate, but this has some continental characteristics too. There is a very big sun impact, which provides something like 143 cloudless days every year. We find the highest temperatures in the summer and there is always a mild climate during the rest of the year.


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